Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I highly recommend any work done by Craig Thompson or Fabio Moon & Gabriel Ba(twin brothers). They have been behind some of my favorite comics and graphic novels such as Blankets, Habibi, Goodbye Chunky Rice, Daytripper and DE: Tales. If you are looking for more personal and relatable comics  rather then just your normal super hero stories these artist are definitely worth checking out.


Drunken plane rides surely do spark a weird mix of emotions. Thank you to all the crying babies and cigarettes i couldn't have this wouldn't have been possible without you.

Peer Pressure:

Is a bitch.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Herbert: Thank you Mr. Flame my high would not be possible without you. Are you sure you do not wish to partake?

Mr. Flame: Is that some kind of a joke? Surely you know that everything i touch turns to ash.

Herbert: Well lucky you because that is exactly what is supposed to happen to this joint in due time. You might just speed up the process.

Mr. Flame: I don't know.

Herbert: Oh come on, give it a chance!